Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Benefit In Many Ways

You may not think you are a volunteer but perhaps you don’t realize that each and everything you do for someone else is volunteering, whether it be car pooling to work, car pooling kids to school, helping a neighbor with yard work, or visiting an elderly person; you are helping someone else!


• Baby sit grandkids.
• Bake cookies for a school/church function.
• Be a "Soccer Mom" or other sport helper.
• Bring a meal to a friend or neighbor.
• Call to check on a friend or neighbor.
• Care Giver.
• Carpool with a co-worker.
• Church day care helper.
• Church Group Volunteer or Member
• Church Sunday School Teacher.
• Deliver a meal to a friend or neighbor.
• Deliver flyers or brochures to local offices.
• Do handyman work for needy or elderly.
• Help at school functions.
• Help someone move.
• Help with Little League.
• House sit for a neighbor or friend.
• Include information on your Facebook for friends biz.
• Kids sport coach or assistant.
• Make phone calls for an organization or club.
• Member of your kids PTA.
• Mow a neighbors lawn.
• Offer a ride to a friend.
• Paint out graffiti.
• Pet sit for a neighbor or friend.
• Pick up litter at a local park.
• Pray for someone.
• Prepare meals for neighbor or elderly.
• Provide hunter education.
• Read to an elderly person.
• Room Mother at school.
• Sing in the church choir.
• Soccer coach.
• Sunday school teacher.
• Take several kids to sports practice.
• Tweet for local club, church or organization.
• Volunteer - Fire Department
• Volunteer - The Lords Diner in Wichita KS.
• Volunteer at any community organization.
• Volunteer at the local library.
• Volunteer at the Zoo, animal shelters, etc.

Did we leave much out?  Are you a caregiver?  That counts too!
Sometimes the feeling you get when you "give back" is worth 
making and taking the time to do that one thing, each month,
each week or even each day.  

Your efforts can help brighten the life of someone around you.
Make that effort, you'll be glad you did.


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