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Christmas Countdown to Gift Giving – 2 – Crafty Hands

Christmas Countdown to Gift Giving – 2 – Crafty Hands

17 days until Christmas arrives.

This is one of the best times of year to teach Charity to Children.  But as they say ‘charity’ starts at home.  Give yourself or a family member a gift that will keep on giving.

The Family Christmas Tree Skirt.

Crafty Hands  For households with little ones this is a twist on the “little hand in plaster” that many parents cherish.  And it is a take on “lending a helping hand” for families who may volunteer all year long.  Make a Christmas tree skirt to hand down to generations to come, or as a start up for a family with a tiny wee one.  The only limitation is your imagination.  We also saw a suggestion to add tiny feet, how sweet!

1 – Most any tree skirt you choose will work fine but felt or felt pieces work
really well too.
2 – Gold, silver or glitter paint, a non-toxic type.
3 – Place paint in saucer and have child coat palm with paint.
4 – Carefully place little palm on fabric. Voila! Instant art.
5 – Add child’s name and date to each print or pair of prints.
6 – Add parent handprints too, as a family is not complete without
Mom and Dad, eh?
Parent hand prints can be added later, after the gift is given, so
keep those paint supplies handy.

Variation For a Crafty Stitcher – Applique

We especially like this idea and it could be used for wall hangings too,
as a Christmas gift for new parents or families.
1 – Buy or make a tree skirt to whatever dimensions you choose.
2 – Trace tiny hands, right and left onto plain muslin or other fabric.
3 – Embroider the outlines, add the child’s name and date; embroider.
4 – Cut out your work either in a circle or other shape.
5 – Applique (stitch) onto the tree skirt.
6 – Use glittery thread to add a little sparkle.

Whatever you decide to do and to give this Christmas Season, as always, make it from the heart.

From all of US to all of YOU:

The Christmas Birthday

Christmas Cheer

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas


Christmas Countdown to Gift Giving

Christmas Countdown to Gift Giving

22 days until Christmas arrives.

Giving gifts of love to ones family and friends can be as easy as baking something fresh and delivering it in a Christmas Tin.
Many folks bake at Christmas even when they do not enjoy this activity the rest of the year.

Additionally, homemade gifts are cherished and kept, almost always by the recipients. It is particularly nice when the present comes from a child in your family. The gift actually means something and will more than likely adorn the wall, mantelpiece or shelf of a loved one for years to come.

Who has time for this? Many folks simply do not have the time these days and making the time, when there is only 22 days left to go, means jockying sometimes already full Christmas party schedules. So, with this in mind here are a few tips to shop from home using your computer, to help you stay warm while shopping. Don’t forget that orders have to be made, shipped and then wrapped, so take an afternoon very soon to shop online.

· Personalized t-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. are a great way to make what is usually a pretty standard Christmas gift into a more enduring and meaningful gift. The process for arranging this sort of gift is fairly easy and can be done in most cases simply by sending off a relevant photo. The end result shows the actual effort you put in.

· To make a point with a personalized Christmas gift why not go for a private license plate? For a new motorist or a seasoned driver with a new car, a personalized plate would be a perfect gift. You can also buy those “sayings” plates for the other end of the auto.

· A photo frame of the digital variety is a great modern take on a classic heartfelt present. By loading up the frame with snapshots of friends and family, you can take the hassle out of the technology for a loved one and give them a gift that will always be fresh.

· Since everybody likes to relax at home over the Christmas period, giving the gift of chocolate is always a winner. On Christmas morning a refined chocolate present, with a personalised message, from a good chocolatier is a great way to give a custom gift.

Lastly, take an afternoon to do the baking we talked about earlier – cookies, candies, and items that will keep well in a tin should be on the menu.

Whatever you decide to do and to give this Christmas Season, make it from the heart.

From all of US to all of YOU:

The Christmas Birthday

Christmas Cheer

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

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