Recipes From Home Cooks


(click above link to go to the category “recipes”)

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

01 – Look in the right hand column and find the  “Catagories” section.

02 – Click on “Recipes”

03 – When you get there, click on the title of any recipe to view.

To find the permalink for YOUR recipe, click on your town under recipes and you’ll see all the submissions from folks that participate in your area. If your recipe has been uploaded, you’ll find it there perhaps more easily.

NOW – just copy the url that appears in your browser window and paste it in your document or email.


To return “Home”  (you may have to scroll up a tad)

click on the title of this blog at the top left of your screen.

NOTE:  It is going to take some time to populate the recipes section!

E. Brown – Buddy Services


To Submit Your Recipe Directly To This Blog


01 – Send a recipe you have actually tried and loved. 

02 – Provide your name and city-state so your recipe can be categorized correctly.  Include permission to use your last name, or NOT.  We will use an initial instead of your last name, if you do not give permission – either way let us know what you want! No home addresses will be posted, ever.

03 – Annotate special ingredients ( i.e. mix names like Jiffy, etc.)

04 – Send your recipe and information along to:

Send Recipes to

Send Recipes to

THIS will be the fastest and easiest way to get your recipe posted here.

Buddy Services


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