Food Buddy Ks News 

Announcements and Events will wind up here.

As we extricate ourselves from Prairieland Food all across the web, this may take some time to set up properly. Bear with us while the hundreds of links, PLF directions and other websites are changed to reflect the break with PLF in general.

We’ve already deleted as much of the content and archives as possible that link out of this site. The incoming links will be deleted over time as about 80 other websites link in, untold directories and you know a LOT OF WEB STUFF.  Whew, quite a job to tackle.

At any rate, FoodBuddyKs will not answer questions regarding Prairieland Food, nor direct any callers or emailers to them.  You may be able to find them by searching for their name.

Here at FoodBuddyKs we look forward to sharing more and better recipes with a wider variety of ingredients to our friends, neighbors and you, our gentle readers.


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