Food Resources

Links to resources in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska to aid families, the elderly, students and individuals in a quest for more affordable food.

The Lord’s Diner

Now two locations in Wichita KS, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Wichita Kansas.

FREE meals served for those in need:

The Lord's Diner - Downtown Wichita KS
520 North Broadway
Wichita, Kansas 67214-3504
Phone: 316-266-4966

The Lord's Diner - South Wichita KS
2825 S. Hillside
Wichita, Kansas 67216-2545
Phone: 316-295-2122


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Volunteer at United Way of the Plains

Seek Services at United Way of the Plains

Kansas Food Bank

Nebraska – Some Food Banks

Oklahoma – Some Food Banks

Stay Tuned! – Many more links to be added.


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IF YOU know about other food resources in Kansas, and feel the link would be appropriate here please see our contact page and email Buddy Services.

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