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~~ Ed Fox and Coffee News Wichita Metro Area  ~~~

Prairieland Food Sponsor - Derby and Haysville KS Host Sites

Coffee News KS – Edward Fox

Coffee News Is ‘Everywhere’ In Kansas

Coffee News provides news items in a family friendly format to locations all over Kansas.  Over 140 locations in Derby and Haysville alone.  It’s that little tan, one large page, fold-out you find in restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms in many local areas around Kansas. Small but mighty, “Coffee News includes unusual news stories, jokes, trivia, amazing facts, and horoscopes. Be sure to look for the ‘What’s Happening’ section, which is dedicated to listing local events taking place throughout your local  community.”  

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Long Time Sponsors

BEK – Brown Enterprises of KS — Supporting the Prairieland Food Derby KS Host Site through social media and other avenues including printing local materials. – Supporting PLF HQ and the Prairieland Food Derby KS Host Site with graphics and Prairie Pak photos. – Contributing blog, newsletter and website copy.

BuddyWebWorks – Contributing this blog and entries; soliciting other writers, cooks and artists to contribute to the blog.

The above companies also contribute the website; registration, hosting, writing, graphics, etc.

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