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La Hacienda Restaurant – Muscle Maker #steak

La Hacienda Restaurant – Derby KS

Steaks Dinners Worth Noting


There is a group at Facebook that is made up of the residents of my small burg in Kansas – Derby.  Some of the folks are relatives or friends that no longer live in Derby but keep up with the happenings. It’s mostly about Taco Bell and Bigfoot Sightings around the globe.  As you might ascertain, it can be small minded but also very entertaining and sometimes even interesting.

A week or so ago, once again, the subject of a good steak house was tossed about.  We have an Applebees, but that’s not good enough for most.  We want something like a Texas Roadhouse or a Scotch and Sirloin.  Wichita has both of those and dozens of others too – great steak places.  Derby is a part of the Wichita Metro Area but Derbyites want our own steak house.  We don’t want to have to drive into Wichita when the steak bug hits us.  It might sound selfish but that has never stopped any population from pushing for anything they truly want and think is needed.  Derby is no exception.

In the discussion a gentleman said “La Hacienda’s El Jefe steak was really good.”  Really?  Most theme restaurants simply don’t do steaks well.  I mean have you ever ordered a steak dinner at a Chinese restaurant or a Mexican restaurant?  If not, you’re not alone.  Mostly they don’t have steak; and especially not good steak if they offer it at all.  However, this kept eating at the back of my mind.  I had to go try this out.

Today, Sunday 11-24-19, I trekked over to La Hacienda at about 3 pm.  I like to go to restaurants when I think there won’t be a large crowd of folks.  It’s quieter and you can get the attention of wait staff much easier.  Plus, it’s more leisurely.  I like to enjoy a meal out.  I like to eat at a reasonable speed and savor the food.


La Hacienda Muscle Maker Steak Dinner

The Muscle Maker Steak Dinner – Delicious!

You won’t believe this, I know you won’t.  It was really delicious.  I was shocked I tell you.  I was being open minded and was so delighted at the meal that I left an unusually large tip (for me anyway).

I didn’t get the El Jefe though. I opted for the Muscle Maker.

It came with fresh sliced avacados and I love avacados.  I won’t bore you with more except to say it was cooked just right and came with grilled shrimp, onions and bell peppers, both red and green (pretty).

All of it delicious! It was more food than I could possibly eat so I brought the leftovers home and warmed them up for Russ.  He loved it also.  That was the real test!

At any rate, it was a lovely afternoon for an enjoyable meal out.

I think I’ll try out all of the steak dinners at La Hacienda. It may take awhile to eat one of each but I’m up to the task.

La Hacienda Steak Menu

La Hacienda Steak Menu


So watch for more about the “steak” food fare at La Hacienda – I hope I am equally delighted with the other steak dinners.

I love Mexican food so it will be a task to not always get my enchiladas, with rice and beans but those meals can hold for now.

I am immersing myself in steak for a few more months for my Sunday afternoon “great food search.”

Here is the whole menu at their website. However, the steak menu is slightly different when you go to the restaurant. I think the printed menu has more options. That, in my estimation, is a good thing.

Special thanks to the fellow who mentioned the El Jefe steak!  You know who you are.  😉


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