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La Hacienda Restaurant – Muscle Maker #steak

La Hacienda Restaurant – Derby KS

Steaks Dinners Worth Noting


There is a group at Facebook that is made up of the residents of my small burg in Kansas – Derby.  Some of the folks are relatives or friends that no longer live in Derby but keep up with the happenings. It’s mostly about Taco Bell and Bigfoot Sightings around the globe.  As you might ascertain, it can be small minded but also very entertaining and sometimes even interesting.

A week or so ago, once again, the subject of a good steak house was tossed about.  We have an Applebees, but that’s not good enough for most.  We want something like a Texas Roadhouse or a Scotch and Sirloin.  Wichita has both of those and dozens of others too – great steak places.  Derby is a part of the Wichita Metro Area but Derbyites want our own steak house.  We don’t want to have to drive into Wichita when the steak bug hits us.  It might sound selfish but that has never stopped any population from pushing for anything they truly want and think is needed.  Derby is no exception.

In the discussion a gentleman said “La Hacienda’s El Jefe steak was really good.”  Really?  Most theme restaurants simply don’t do steaks well.  I mean have you ever ordered a steak dinner at a Chinese restaurant or a Mexican restaurant?  If not, you’re not alone.  Mostly they don’t have steak; and especially not good steak if they offer it at all.  However, this kept eating at the back of my mind.  I had to go try this out.

Today, Sunday 11-24-19, I trekked over to La Hacienda at about 3 pm.  I like to go to restaurants when I think there won’t be a large crowd of folks.  It’s quieter and you can get the attention of wait staff much easier.  Plus, it’s more leisurely.  I like to enjoy a meal out.  I like to eat at a reasonable speed and savor the food.


La Hacienda Muscle Maker Steak Dinner

The Muscle Maker Steak Dinner – Delicious!

You won’t believe this, I know you won’t.  It was really delicious.  I was shocked I tell you.  I was being open minded and was so delighted at the meal that I left an unusually large tip (for me anyway).

I didn’t get the El Jefe though. I opted for the Muscle Maker.

It came with fresh sliced avacados and I love avacados.  I won’t bore you with more except to say it was cooked just right and came with grilled shrimp, onions and bell peppers, both red and green (pretty).

All of it delicious! It was more food than I could possibly eat so I brought the leftovers home and warmed them up for Russ.  He loved it also.  That was the real test!

At any rate, it was a lovely afternoon for an enjoyable meal out.

I think I’ll try out all of the steak dinners at La Hacienda. It may take awhile to eat one of each but I’m up to the task.

La Hacienda Steak Menu

La Hacienda Steak Menu


So watch for more about the “steak” food fare at La Hacienda – I hope I am equally delighted with the other steak dinners.

I love Mexican food so it will be a task to not always get my enchiladas, with rice and beans but those meals can hold for now.

I am immersing myself in steak for a few more months for my Sunday afternoon “great food search.”

Here is the whole menu at their website. However, the steak menu is slightly different when you go to the restaurant. I think the printed menu has more options. That, in my estimation, is a good thing.

Special thanks to the fellow who mentioned the El Jefe steak!  You know who you are.  😉


UnMess Your Chili Dogs!

UnMess Your Chili Dogs!

It is certainly chili weather in Kansas and with the cold and blizzard conditions on the East coast right now, chili is being made by the gallons; tons if you will.  We all love chili here and make giant batches so we can have lots of leftovers.  Chili does get better with age in the refrigerator so huge batches are common.

But how many days can you eat chili and be be completely happy?  Actually a LOT of days! We smother enchiladas with chili sometimes and utilizing a side dish can make a difference too.

  • with salad and crackers
  • with fresh veggies and cheese bread
  • with tortilla chips and nacho cheese
  • with fries, ‘tater tots, ‘tater wedges, baked ‘taters with bacon and MORE cheese.

Just a few but of course there are so many variations to go with chili, straight from a bowl.

Chili Dogs a favorite for leftover Chili.

Oh YEAH!  Homemade chili dogs certainly makes the list of favorites at any household. Known as ‘fast food’,  fattening food,  artery cloggers and more, chili dogs have been given a really bad rap.  But how often do you eat a chili dog or two?  Once, twice or three times a year?  Well, then make up for it on other days with salad.  But enjoy the ones you do eat!

At our house ‘finger foods’ that are messy are simply not acceptable.  With handicapped folks and with kids, a chili mess with chili dogs does not make a happy dinnertime for Mom.  So to forgo that mess on faces, hands and clothes, here is a solution for when Dad and/or kids BEG for chili dogs.

How To UnMess Your Chili Dogs —


How to UnMess Your Chili Dogs! 

Simply make layers —

  • toasted bread, cubed
  • sliced hot dogs or sausage, fried
  • fresh chopped onions, or green onions
  • cheese of your choice

Cheese in our infographic happens to be leftover Nacho Cheese.  It was what was available, at the time.  It was great too.


Chili Dog plate with fries.

Enjoy your chili dog plate however you like it!  YUM!

— Eileen Brown, Derby KS

Pecan Pie #recipe #food #pies

Pecan Pie #recipe #food #pies

Right click and save the image (courtesy Buddy Web Services) – it is the perfect 4 x 6 size to print for your recipe box.  Just cut close to the yellow border. Very close.

Pecan Pie

Mom’s Pecan Pie


1 prepared Deep Dish Pie Crust – uncooked.
3 slightly beaten eggs
1 cup corn syrup
1 cup sugar
1/8 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans


01 – Slightly beat the eggs.
02 – Add syrup, sugar, salt, vanilla and pecans.
03 – Pour into uncooked deep dish pie crust.
04 – Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
05 – Pie is done when the center no longer jiggles.

NOTE: Mom used Karo corn syrup – the clear kind, not the dark. So that’s what I always use too.

I have no idea if this particular recipe is posted anywhere else on the web.  Probably it is as there can only be so many ways to make pecan pie. This is by far the best recipe though.  It has been handed down in our family for generations.  Just make one for yourself and you’ll agree, it is the best!


Teaching Charity to Children Through Volunteerism

Volunteers do more than help other people or their communities.

They teach, by example, charity to their children. With all the hustle and bustle that surrounds the holidays each year, we can forget important things that don’t make it onto our printed calendars.

November 20 was National Family Volunteer Day.  We did not forget the day but preparing for Thanksgiving does rush us along and this very important day can be overlooked.

What better way to kick off the Holiday Season than to teach, by our very own examples, just how volunteerism helps our neighbors and communities grow and flourish.  The volunteer spirit is born in most of us.  As we grow older, we realize that there is no better way to grow healthy, happy families than to share and care.  By exhibiting a giving spirit; a loving and caring hand; and smiles (instead of scowls) to those less fortunate than ourselves, it is possible to ingrain the volunteer spirit into our family life.

How to spread the volunteer spirit.

Here is southern Kansas, in the Wichita metro area we have some great services where extending that helping hand is always welcome.  The Lords Diner, now at two locations, feeds hungry families but also depends on volunteers to help accomplish the task.  Places to volunteer abound here, really, but let’s take a step back and see what we can do to teach children how to spread their giving spirit.

  • Work together to make baked goods as a donation to a church, community or charity fair.
  • Help your child donate a portion of his allowance and birthday money to the charity of his choice.
  • Instead of exchanging duplicate gifts – donate one of the items to charity.
  • Encourage your children to donate one item off their Christmas or birthday wish list to a less fortunate child.
  • Teach a class together. Senior centers, YMCAs and women shelters are very receptive to the help.
  • Walk, brush, feed and clean pets at a rescue shelter. Even younger children can appreciate this action.
  • Volunteer to read to the blind. Let older children read while the younger ones turn pages.
  • Organize a food drive in your neighborhood. Even small children can help deliver and collect bags.
  • Organize a toy, book or clothing drive. Have the kids chip in by donating some of their unused toys and outgrown clothing.
  • Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. Volunteers are needed to build, paint, cook and serve food, watch children and more.
  • Sign up to receive Habitat’s free newsletter for monthly updates and share it with your children.
  • Help an elderly neighbor with shopping . Let your child carry the grocery list and decide on “gift” items not on the list.
  • Help an elderly neighbor with yard clean up.  When a whole family pitches in, the work is done in half the time.
  • If you don’t have a Goodwill drop-off nearby, donate old clothes to a community church clothing bank. Have your children help with this activity.

Allowing your children to help you help others is what it is all about.  There is another list here at the Prairieland Food Blog that might also help you find an activity to help teach about volunteerism on the “Are you a volunteer?” page.

However you choose to teach charity to children, whether your own; a scout troop; a sports team or club you monitor, this action is more than worth the effort.

Even if all you do is on one day during the year, make that whole day about giving freely of your time to others, in some capacity.  November 20, next year, could be the day your child learns about charity for the long term.  But even better, how about one day a month? Don’t get stuck on what day your calendar expresses what you should do, but what you feel in your heart.  Could passing that “good spirit” feeling on to your child be worth a mere 12 days a year?  You bet’cha.

Rewarding Volunteers.

Prairieland Food recognizes that volunteers are an important part of every good community.  Offering discounted food packages to those with a truly giving spirit is the mission of the organization. Allow your child to accompany you to D-Day, when the food comes in, and when you can, donate a Prairie Pak to someone you know needs that helping hand.  Your child being a part of this action, will learn about charity first hand, from your example.


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