Blogging Guest Guidelines 

Guest Entry Guidelines

Interested in submitting content for this blog?

Here are some of the guidelines to save everyone a bit of time .

What type of guest posts are we looking for?

Articles and/or recipes that would be of interest to our readers.

Targeted Content:  people who are interested in cooking, food, recipes, cooking processes, kitchen gadgets, volunteering, saving money on  grocery bills, etc.  Basically anything that can help educate or serve as a guide to save time or money fits the general direction of this blog and the audience.

Your content does not need to ROCK however, it does need to be readable.  ALL CONTENT WILL BE EDITED either for space, spelling or grammar – before you submit though, we do expect you to run a spell and grammar check.  Original content (not posted elsewhere on the web) is best.  If you have an article (or recipe) that you will post somewhere else, let us post it here first, then you can post it at your blog if you wish (secondary).

If you are submitting a recipe – any text format will do – submit by email ONLY. Same for articles.

Guest Blog Entry Rating.

This is a family friendly arena.  Nothing strictly adult or illegal will be posted.  Well, duh. But just in case – do not submit material that does not follow these guidelines and is not family friendly.

Linking Policy

Many guest authors/bloggers are trying to obtain links to their sites, or their clients’ sites, as well as building awareness and brand. For the most part, we am cool with that as long as these guidelines are followed and the blog/website linked to is family friendly.

Linking exceptions:

  • NO LINK to you if you’ve been doing any shady link building. Forum spam, blog comment spam, content theft, article re-purposing; stuff like that.
  • NOT ALLOWED – anchor text that competes with our own search efforts.
  • YES! – A link to your blog or website MAY appear on the Cooking Links page in addition to the article link(s).  This however, is at our complete discretion.

How to submit your guest post:

You may submit your content to us via email —

guest post contact

Paste your blog post into the body of the email and include everything on the list below.

Your article must include:

  • “FoodBuddyKs Submission” in the subject box of your email.
  • An eye catching headline – If  not, this will be done for you.
  • A brief author bio which may include a link to your website or blog (photo optional).
  • The name that the article should be published under if you’re using a pseudonym.
  • NOTE: Remember, I may EDIT your content.

Article submissions that do not include all of these components will be rejected.

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging at Food Buddy Ks. We will do our absolute best to promote your content on the Facebook,  Twitter, and Google+  networks to help you build your personal brand.

Eileen Sig - Fall

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