Thanksgiving Day – Joyous Work!

Thanksgiving Day – The Joyous Work Web Log!

A dialog for this joyous family day; as much as there is time for.

Giving thanks for another Thanksgiving with family.

5:00 am – turkey out of frig and prepared for microwave and returned to frig.  Yes, I cook mine in the microwave.  Once you learn that cooking can be made easier utilizing the most amazing microwave, your life as a cook, will be happier.  The microwave turkey has always been moist, and done to perfection.  Directions on how to do this at another time. I don’t just “heat” things up in mine.  I really cook in it.

6:00 am – cleaning house – the last minute touches.

7:00 am – wrote an article for this blog!  Where did the mind set for this come from?  Dunno, just did it as it was nice to set down for awhile.  My back need this break. Here is the article: Teaching Charity to Children Through Volunteerism.

8:00 am – chopping onions and celery for the two dressings.

9:00 am – Made a very light brunch of egg, pastrami, havarti cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on swedish rye bread for both of us – no more food until the Thanksgiving appetizers come out in a few hours.  Russ had strawberry soda with his instead of milk. Like a kid, it was a real treat for him. He had a choice and that’s what he chose.  Go figure.

10:00 am – Writing this post but leaving off here to go cook!  Back later when I need to sit a bit again.  🙂


12 Noon – well, 4 minutes till anyhowsen.  Stuffing is on it’s way to a plug in appliance.  I never put it in the oven anymore.  Once it’s done on the stove top I add a little more juice and add it to a big flat (about 6 inches deep tho’) covered appliance on low.  With two kinds of dressing this year I’ll make a tin foil divider to keep the herb dressing separate from the cornbread stuffing.  Our cornbread stuffing gets boiled eggs chopped in it (along with the chopped onions and celery of course) and the herb dressing get the usual treatment, plus a LOT of extra sage.

My brother in MN called to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving just before I needed to sit down again.  I told him,  “I cannot believe how HOT that kitchen gets when cooking this much food!” And it’s the truth too. Yikes.


8:55 pm – Once the party here was rolling, there was not any way to get back here to update.  That is good news for our family though.  Dear DIL showed up on time to help me de-bone the turkey which was falling off the bone tender by 2:00 pm.  Wonderful and juicy the bird is always center stage.

What can I say?  We had a grand time, overate, and almost cleaned up everything. There are still some dishes sitting with water in them, ready to be washed and put away.

I send enough dressing and turkey home with the kids for their families that we don’t have to have it for weeks.   But I bet we do have a good weeks worth of food, without doing anything but heating a plateful in the microwave. I like it like that too.  I need a few days rest after the push to get this giant meal ready on time.  It was worth it though, as it always is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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